My story is familiar.  Menopause arrived and overtook my life and my waistline.

This year, I decided it was time to fight back!

While progress is positive elsewhere, my weight loss efforts suffered. I believe my scale actually said “OUCH!” earlier this week.

Despite best efforts to jog over the summer and shed the extra weight, I gained.  Early morning temps 10-15 degrees above average with 90% humidity pose challenges to a novice runner carrying an extra 30+ lbs.

So, in a burst of true insanity, I tried the Insanity workout program.  I thought the privacy of my own living room would be just what I needed.  My house has no A/C.  Now there’s some insanity!

Then, I signed my slightly overweight dog up for a “Wag More Weigh Less” program. The regular group walks were great fun.  Even more fun were the after-walk stops at the Ale House that offered a dog-friendly patio.

Now, I’m down to a mere handful of clothes that fit well enough to wear to work.  It’s more than refusing to replace the wardrobe – it’s about health and wellness.  Honestly, I feel like crap.

Research shows that a proper diet and regular exercise is the hallmark of a healthy life.  I’ve read that folks who do this actually FEEL GOOD.

My burning question is:  Just how long does it take for one to FEEL GOOD?

I started following a basic proper nutrition and daily walking program on Monday.

I’m hungry.

I’m sore.

I’m tired.

Oh, and the scale mocks me.  I gained another pound.


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