Knee Killer

I love, love, love my Insanity workouts.  In three short weeks I’ve seen a marked improvement in my endurance, flexibility and stamina.

I have about 30 pounds to lose before I can embark on my next big fitness goal – marathon training.  I have my sights set on completing a full marathon before the end of 2015.

The results from Insanity are immediate.  And, why I enjoy it so much.  From one workout to the next, I can do more reps than the day before and my heart rate recovers faster.

But, oh my knees!  Ouch!knees

I noticed it after the second week.  Stiffness and soreness, especially going up and down stairs.

I laid off the high jumps, then double- and triple-checked my form to be sure I was not hyper-extending my knees.  But damn – more pain.

So, I took Week 3 off and did some yoga and other less intense workouts.  And, of course my weight loss came to a screeching halt.

I came back on Week 4, picking up where I left off with the Week 3 schedule,  now doing Insanity on carpet, not hardwood and barefoot, no shoes.

The soreness and stiffness seems to be improving, but still there.

So far, 5 pounds lost – 25 more to go.  I’ve been able to successfully stay away from the cookies and cake and candy.  (Thank you again Hostess for shutting down the supply of Twinkies and Ho-Hos)

I plan for my second 4 weeks to net more like 10 pounds so I can be at the half-way point.  But, if it’s another 5 pounds with improvements to cardio stamina, I’ll take it!




Going to work sick

Why do people do this?

Seriously!  Why do people go to work Picture1when they are sick? These aren’t hourly employees, single parents who will forfeit their rent money if they stay home for a day.

I’m talking about degreed professionals who have Blackberries, iPads and laptop computers with the ability to telecommute all hours of the day and night.

Why then do they feel it is okay to show up to work sneezing and coughing all over the office, spreading their germs to those who are still healthy?

“I can’t get any work done at home, the kids are sick too.  And, I really have to get ‘x’ project done,” they say.  Really.   What happened to good, old-fashioned common sense?

Have a heart.  If you are sick, stay home!

Thank you.

2013: The Year of the Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jars are popping up everywhere!

Isn’t it unusual for such a low-tech item to be so popular? Seriously, isn’t there an iPhone app for this?  Or, maybe it’s time for us to get back to basics.

OK, I’m in.  Here’s mine:


Assuming you have one too, what types of notes will you include in yours?  I’m sure I’m not the only one beginning with high-end ideas, such as I’m grateful for family, health, friends, etc.  (See, there are already two notes in there!)  But,

Aren’t we all grateful for those things?

Let’s get real.  I find myself saying “thank-you” out loud when the slow moving vehicle in front of mine turns off, especially when it happens on the morning I’m running late for work.

During the messy, busy days of real life, what else makes us stop and offer a word or thought of thanks?

  • Finding the car keys
  • Perma-press garments – who irons anymore?
  • A strong wi-fi connection
  • Bathroom tissue – think about it
  • Skinny Girl cocktails, or cocktails in general
  • The “hide” command on Facebook
  • Whenever my husband cooks dinner
  • Heated seats in my new car
  • Pandora
  • Chocolate
  • My manicurist

What about you?  Please share what makes you stop a moment say “thanks!”