Brutally Obvious – the weekday habits are my greatest nemesis.

It would be easy to say the day job is the culprit of my stress, weight gain, sleeplessness, weariness, anxiety, etc. But, that is just plain lazy and enormously untrue.

I have a great day job.  It’s not perfect, as no job is.  There are always times when the workload is heavy, staffing is short, deadlines loom and tempers flare.  How one navigates that and remains true to oneself is the key.

Now, to find the damn key!

The clean eating and increased steps didn’t happen on Days 4 and 5.  I have offer no excuses, it just is.  It all seemed to go off the road when at the end of Day 3 when I chose to skip Monday night Zumba.

Big mistake.  Huge!

But, I hate Zumba.  I have two left feet and I hate salsa music.  HATE, I tell you.   So that decision was way too easy.

Day 6 begins now and my three Fidos and I are headed out for a brisk 2 mile walk.

It’s a new day.  Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Days 4 and 5 of 100

  1. Everyone has off days. The key s to keep on going! I am on a similar path right now and am finding the weekends much harder then the weekdays. Of course I work from home so cannot use the excuse of I forgot to bring a healthy lunch LOL. Not when the refrigerator is in the next room mocking me.

  2. Good for you! Kicking sugar and caffeine is quite the challenge, but I’m absolutely sure your up to it. Just beware of those pesky headaches from withdrawal.

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