What happened to days 6 and 7?  Nothing great.  Nothing that was preplanned, precooked, some hardly even countable!  It would be real easy to make excuses, or just start over and pretend like the first week was a practice and the real
Day One” starts tomorrow.  But no.

Day 8 is Day 8.  I’m not starting over.  Starting over is unfair to the overall plan and unrealistic if I plan to be successful with my 100 day plan!

What Days 6 and 7 taught me is that my anxiety-prone approach to the day job is my number one greatest challenge.  All the candy, soda, bread, chocolate, cookies, cake, snack bars, pastries, danishes and donuts I consume throughout the workday / workweek only fuel the anxiety.  It doesn’t soothe the soul, like I want to think it does. (Just ask my coworkers who have to put up with me all day.)

Today is the first day of a long weekend.  I have three full days to regroup.  I have three full days to design and test better ways to manage the work day stress.

Looking forward to days 8-10.

I am just going to CRUSH Day 11.


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