Moving on from last week, I spent yesterday (Day 8) constructing a home gym, of sorts.  Since we moved, the lower level family room has housed remnants of my old house (moving boxes).  I set up the extra TV and DVD player on top of appliances destined for future remodeled kitchen and cleared out half the room giving me oodles of floor space.

I have an entire box of workout DVD programs to pick from.  I decided to go with P90X to start, maybe a little Yoga Booty Ballet or Hip Hop Abs.  One can only take so much Tony Horton, I mean REALLY!

Today I finished scrubbing the floor in my new gym as well as finished off the rest of the household chores.  My fitbit tells me that I’m well within my calorie count for the day, YES!  I’ve already smashed passed 10,000 steps for the second day in a row and I still have 3 Fidos to walk.

Tomorrow (Day 10) starts P90X first thing in the morning.  Yay me!


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