So here I am at Day 15.  I’ve officially lost 2 lbs in these last two weeks.  I’m sad that it’s not more lbs down, but at least it’s not up, right?

My Fitbit isn’t syncing.  And, I’m REALLY annoyed about it.  The dongle stopped communicating, which I’ve learned is a common problem. The Fitbit itself is still recording and I have a request into Fitbit customer service.  Let’s hope we get a resolution before I lose data.

Today is day 5 of P90X:  Legs, Back and Ab Ripper X.  This will be my first time adding Ab Ribber X this round.  Good thing it’s Saturday so I have enough time!   I like the routines (despite Tony Horton’s jibber jabber) but I find that this is just not enough cardio for me.

I start a “back to the road” type of running program on 15th, which should help.  In the meantime, I’ll toss in some Insanity that doesn’t kill my knees.

My ultimate fitness goal is to run one more full marathon in my life.  Target:  Fall 2015.

I have other goals for this 100 days of concentration.  Tomorrow I’ll focus more on them.  😉



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