I skipped 5 days of p90x,  so I had to look up and see what day it was.  Shoulders and Arms day.  I was feeling cardio, so I popped in one of the Insanity workouts first and then jumped right into Shoulders and Arms.  I’m definitely starting to feel it, even skipping a few days of workouts.

Either that or it’s all the ugly nasty 30-year old wallpaper I stripped off the bedroom and bathroom over the past two days…

But, I digress.  The scale was even friendly to me, another 1.5 lbs down.  Yay me!   I know it was a day early to weigh in.  Tomorrow is 3 weeks.   I was concerned that I undid the small bit I already accomplished.

So, I’m looking at the numbers (yeah, I’m um, “detail oriented” as they say) and I’m 20% into my 100 days and I haven’t conquered as much as I had hoped to at this point, so I’m thinking I need to step things up a notch (or two or three) LOL.  Still I’ve done more in these past 20 days than I have in the past 20 weeks, so that’s all that counts!

Tomorrow’s workout is Yoga X on the p90X schedule.  (love love love yoga! – Tony Horton, not so much).  I’ll probably do a little more Insantity, and maybe a nice long walk with the pups.  It’s supposed to be a great day.

Oh, and bonus!  My fitbit finally works again!


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