Saturday marked 3 weeks into my challenge.  I’m proud to say I’ve kept up on the physical side (diet and exercise) YAY, but not so much on the creative side (writing and music) BOO!

I’m sore in all the right places and I can feel my arms and shoulders getting stronger, which is good news for my yoga practice.  My back is sore if I let my posture slouch.  Hmm, isn’t that interesting!  And, the scale seems to be inching down – another good sign.  Best sign of all, I seem to be craving different (more nutritious) food.

I’ve heard that it takes 21 days (or 3 weeks) of repetition to build a new habit.  Methinks I’ve developed a new habit.

Now, the writing and music need to become daily habits just like the exercise and healthy eating has.  Need to revisit the schedule and see what else can go….  Facebook?  Pinterest?  eBay/Amazon shopping?  ha ha ha.  There’s time.   I just need to make it a priority!  In 3 more weeks (or 21 more days), writing and music will be two more new habits!

“Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.”
Dallin H. Oaks


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