Trying not to be discouraged.

I spent 2 hours at the doctor’s office today.  My foot has been achy for a couple weeks.  It’s happened before – GANGLION CYST.

UGH.  I know, right?  Now of all times.

I had one about 18 months ago that responded well to a cortisone shot.  I knew the signs when this one started to grow, but I just pushed through it. I kept up with the workouts and walking over the weekend.  I even ran 2.5 miles on Monday (yay me!)

But the pain.  OUCH!  It hurts to have a sock on my foot, let alone a shoe.  I work in an office, and it’s fall in the Great Lakes region, barefoot is so not an option.

A cortisone shot (oh blessed relief!) followed by numb toes this afternoon resulting in an achy heavy feeling leg today.

The good news – the doctor says I can keep working out, keep training through it – as long as I can handle the, er, discomfort.  The bad news = discomfort.

Let’s hope that a good night of rest will take care of things, and I can be back in action tomorrow!



One thought on “Day 32 of 100

  1. That is such a bummer! But good on you for pushing through and getting it taken care of. It is great that you are posting your 100 day journey. Everyone should take a 100 day journey to their dreams!

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