Still going strong – on the fitness craze anyway!  I’ve decided to “not” count days toward my other goals right now, but to do another 100 days for those when this round completes.

I’m still trying to figure out what works best for me in the world of diets and exercise routines. I’m still doing my p90X/Insanity mashup.  My knees feel fine at 5 weeks in.  That wasn’t the case when I just did Insanity by itself a while back.

The number on the scale refuses to budge, but I know why.  I haven’t been eating as clean as a could be.  It’s a choice to pick up a Laffy Taffy (or 2 or 4) in the lobby during the workday.  It’s also a choice to pass up the bread and noodles in favor of an extra helping of vegetables.

This week I’m focusing my days on healthier eating choices.  The exercise is going really well.  I can almost get through and entire P90X or Insanity workout without taking more breaks than they do.  I can even do almost everything they do minus the chin-ups and pull-ups.  I’m using bands for most things or Nautilus equipment at the gym.

This time next year I plan to be on my taper for my first full marathon in 10 years.  😉


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