It’s been a while since I last posted…. Gosh, that sounds almost like a Confession from my parochial school days.

It is.

I fell off the “good eating wagon.”   Hard.  I still worked out, but maybe not with as much intensity or enthusiasm.  The reality is that I slipped back into several old habits.  Things like cookies, cake, candy, fries, chips, etc.  Party at work last Friday = 3 pieces of pumpkin spike cake.

“I worked out this morning, I can have a treat, right?”  Sure, but not every dang day!

Excuses are the same old thing:  stress, time, convenience, boredom, fatigue, blue mood.  And, to be brutally honest about the pumpkin spice cake, “I JUST WANTED IT!!”  And yes, it was that good.

While I’m disappointed that my weight loss is not where I had hoped it would be by now, I don’t feel guilty.  What I am is DETERMINED.

I didn’t rebel much in my teens, so that might explain why I’m so obstinate now at mid-life.  When I face the “no” to something yummy, it’s deprivation.  Deprivation is punishment.  (Again, parochial school training.)  The rebel in me then eats it anyway.  Seriously, am I 12?

In every other aspect of my life, if someone tells me “no” or “you’re too old, you can’t do whatever it is,” I make every effort to move Heaven and Earth to prove that I can.

We live in a world where food, “healthy” or not, is everywhere.  The workplace.  Home.  Restaurants.  Family gatherings.  Parties.  Holiday Seasons.  Food choices are everywhere.  Choices support the goal.

I’m flipping my own rebel’s perspective:

Anyonerunner girl want to tell me I can’t run a marathon over the age  of 50?  Bring it on!  You will find me on the finish line next October.  I’ll be the healthy and fit 50-year old with the shiny new 26.2 medal and PR.

Every choice I make fuels that challenge.




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