How important is a vitamin regimen?  I was taking vitamins and other supplements, like calcium and magnesium, but quit over the summer.  Now that I’ve been more active, I’ve decided to get back into a better habit of adding supplements like a multivitamin, extra B, calcium with D, magnesium and I’m also going to add a joint supplement. My knees have just been killing me this week, and my back has been a little sore.

It’s likely time for new shoes.

I wrote a little more than 7 pages yesterday on the NaNo project.  Even though I’m supposed to stay off Facebook this month and write instead, I saw a really uplifting article from Shape Magazine about fitness experts who were once heavy.   One in the middle got my attention.  A woman approaching 50 with twice as much weight as I have to lose was able to drop 75 lbs proving that it’s never too late. Very nice after photo of her on a marathon day.

I can will do that too!


One thought on “Day 72 of 100

  1. The big ones are a multi-vitamin (ones tailored to women have more iron), fish oil, and Vitamin D3 (typically in doses sub-2000iu).

    Multis take care of most of the other individualized vitamins most people need/want.

    If you would like to occasionally read health/fitness pointers mixed with my dumb sense of humor, try giving my blog a read:

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