Today marks one full week into my 100 days.  As I expected, some adjustments were needed.  Here’s a recap of how it’s going:

The music goal is coming along really well.  Still, it is very frustrating to attempt a piece of music I once had mastered only to now clunk though the notes.  It is so easy to give up and walk away when that happens.  So – Adjustment #1:  I boxed up all the sheet music from before and stash it in a closet.  This removes the temptation to butcher play something familiar and comfortable.  For now, I’m focusing only on New Age piano music whether from the course or from sheet from some of my favorite artists.  I’ll dig the boxes back out again one day.

The writing goal is meandering a bit.  I’m getting words down – albeit crappy ones.  But, words on the page what’s key.  Adjustment #2:  Note to self:  I will question quality on Day 101 when it’s time for editing and not before.  Because my ego is forever in my way when doing anything creative, my word count is a tad behind.  Showing up to the page each day is what this task is about, and by the end of these 100 days, I will have earned a great habit.

Fitness goals = Adjustment #3:  The eating plan I chose was much too rigid and restrictive.  I did lose 3 lbs (yay me!).  While the plan I picked made sense scientifically, it’s not going to work if it’s too miserable to follow.  This is especially important because of the long-term goals I set for myself.  I want to do one more full marathon in my lifetime.  (My last was 10 years and 30 lbs ago.)   I spent a good part of this weekend researching proper nutrition and portion sizes.  I learned about the truths/myths of non-fat, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, etc.   Armed with better facts and not a bunch of hype and informercials, I made up my own eating plan that offers me sufficent and satisfying calories per day while meeting the guidelines of the food pyramid.
food pyramid

In addition to proper nutrition is exercise.  I’ve started the Bottoms Up! program by Joyce Vedral, a book I purchased about 20 years ago.  At the time it was published, Ms. Vedral was about the same age I am now, which gives me hope that I really can get my figure back!  I’m doing Beachbody’s Insanity program as the “cardio” portion for now until I have enough stamina to run again.  I start a beginner’s running program in early June, with hopes to run a Half Marathon, or at least a 10K in October.

This 100 days is about slaying a fewdragon musical, fictional and physical dragons, and I think I’ve got a solid battle plan!

I’d love to hear how the rest of you are doing.  For those who started when I did, I hope you’re first week has empowered you to reach higher!  It’s not too late to start your own 100 days, come on along.  Let’s slay some dragons!



2 thoughts on “Day 8 of 100 – one week in!

  1. Sounds like you’re doing very well. For me, my word count is always good but nutrition is still leaving something to be desired. That’s a dragon I need to slay every single day.

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