Day 6 of 100 Days (reboot)

Almost one week in and still recalibrating.  I began this on a holiday for a reason.  The “stuff” of life happens each and every day and I want the goals I set to be realized each and every day.  Still struggling with managing the “stuff”  ;-(

So far, so…….eh.   Day 1, I was thoroughly disorganized and finishing off a major garden project.  The good news is that healthier choices are happening throughout each day.  The bad news is that those wins have been later undone by impulsive choices late in the day – most of the time.

Cookies.  Strawberry Laffy Taffy.  Chocolate candy.  Cupsweetscakes.  Butter bread with dinner.  Protein bars (which sound like they are healthier, but in my case – not so much).

Yes, I’m a sweet freak.  I’ve been able to abandon sweets before and I know from experience that the cravings go away.  I need something to stop the impulse!

I’m going to simplify.  I’m challenging myself to do some old-fashioned calorie counting.

Calories IN vs calories OUT. The IN must be less than the OUT number every day. Period.

To ma$375 NEW Coach Christi Double Zip PURSE #F34673ke it stick, this really cool Coach purse will be MINE when I reach half my weight-loss goal.  New outfits to go with the purse will follow when I reach the final target.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be getting the purse around Labor Day and the wardrobe shopping in time for the year-end holidays.

Bonus – This plan lines up perfectly with my goal to run a some 10Ks and Half Marathons next year.  😉

We all have different motivators and tricks to keep ourselves on track.  What motivators and tricks work for you?


Wake-Up Call – (Day 3 of 100)

imagesMy “Wake-Up Call”

I just spent the entire holiday weekend gardening.  No big deal right?

OMG I can barely move.

My hands are so sore from gripping the rake and pulling weeds I can barely grip a hair brush.  I can – it’s just so sore!  I also have aches and pains in other places I didn’t know even existed elsewhere on my body.

It’s one thing to be a little tired and sore after a day or so of exertion.  But these aches and pains are screaming signs that I need to pay better attention to my health.  Today marks day 3 of my “100 days reboot” and a great opportunity to focus on health and wellness – making this my first Wellness Wednesday post.

Wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise, in my opinion.  It’s about all things that support a healthy self.  Eating clean and staying fit are only one of the foundations to wellness which supports keeping our spirits well.

The pleasure of being active again, especially after a long, cold, hard winter, is tarnished by all these new aches and pains.  Being over weight and out of shape is no longer something I can just brush off as “not that bad”.

What a wake-up call!  I have a lot I want to do with my life, dammit.  Standing on the sidelines is not part of the plan.  I can no longer afford the flimsy excuses!

Off to the gym for some stretching and light cardio.  What’s your plan for the day?

Taking a Mulligan! – Day 1 of 100

It’s a do-over for me on my 100 days.  A second chance, often termed a “Mulligan.”

I had great intentions, but against my own advice I took on too much at once.  I chose a diet/eating plan that was unrealistic for me.   No matter how much I modify, my body is simply not yet ready for Beachbody programs like Insanity or P90X.   The seasonal challenges of a really bad spring cold and allergies were my final undoing.

I fiddled with the music.  I wrote some.  But I couldn’t shake the self-reproaching shame for not keeping on with the rest.  The needle on the scale budged a tiny bit at first, then held firmly in place.  I have to stop thinking about “what-if.”  Sure I’d be a lot closer to my goal had I kept on it for the past 8 weeks, but I didn’t.

What I did do in the time between then was a lot of research into fitness programs, healthy eating and wellness.  I learned that it really doesn’t matter which plan, diet or guru you follow, just that you do what works for you.

My newest purchase is the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program.  It’s a 90-day program that so far appears to be meant for someone like me.  Someone who can’t bend, twist, jump as far or hard as I did all those pounds and years ago.  I watched the entire set of DVDs before starting and I have faith and determination that I’ll be capable of doing the whole series and then some!

I will be modifying the eating plan just a bit.   I don’t eat red meat and I hate avacado (I know, right? who hates avacado and guacamole? – I do).  The point is doing what works for ME, not some other person.

What I like best about these meal plans versus other programs is that the nutritional information is clear and fairly simple to replicate with more palatable selections if you take the time to do you research.  Also, the plan doesn’t push you to supplement with shakes, drinks and bars.  It’s real food!

Other than this major reboot to the fitness segment of my 100 days, still on my list are music and writing.

And so begins Day 1.  😉