Almost one week in and still recalibrating.  I began this on a holiday for a reason.  The “stuff” of life happens each and every day and I want the goals I set to be realized each and every day.  Still struggling with managing the “stuff”  ;-(

So far, so…….eh.   Day 1, I was thoroughly disorganized and finishing off a major garden project.  The good news is that healthier choices are happening throughout each day.  The bad news is that those wins have been later undone by impulsive choices late in the day – most of the time.

Cookies.  Strawberry Laffy Taffy.  Chocolate candy.  Cupsweetscakes.  Butter bread with dinner.  Protein bars (which sound like they are healthier, but in my case – not so much).

Yes, I’m a sweet freak.  I’ve been able to abandon sweets before and I know from experience that the cravings go away.  I need something to stop the impulse!

I’m going to simplify.  I’m challenging myself to do some old-fashioned calorie counting.

Calories IN vs calories OUT. The IN must be less than the OUT number every day. Period.

To ma$375 NEW Coach Christi Double Zip PURSE #F34673ke it stick, this really cool Coach purse will be MINE when I reach half my weight-loss goal.  New outfits to go with the purse will follow when I reach the final target.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll be getting the purse around Labor Day and the wardrobe shopping in time for the year-end holidays.

Bonus – This plan lines up perfectly with my goal to run a some 10Ks and Half Marathons next year.  😉

We all have different motivators and tricks to keep ourselves on track.  What motivators and tricks work for you?


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