Day 32 of 100 (reboot)

Shame on me!  I haven’t posted in nearly a month!

In that time I’ve had some successes as well as some setbacks.  All part of life.  I’ve lost about 6-7 lbs so far, and as much as I wish it were more, I’m grateful for the lbs I have lost.  Especially while dealing with recurrent foot injury.  I took a week off of hard-core exercising, but I’m back at it again.

love, Love, LOVE Jillian Michaels Body Revolution.  It’s just the perfect blend of weights and cardio, without complicated moves or extreme jumping.  Just starting Phase Two and I’m going to be very sad for it to end.

But, not too sad. 😉  I decided to relight the fire under my bucket list goal of 26.2.  My last was 10 years ago.  Wow, do I have a lot of training to do!  I ran for the first time in years yesterday – I did a run/walk trek of about 2 miles.

The best part was that I remembered why I love running, more than any other type of fitness.  So much so that I’ve adopted a Zero to 5K to Half Marathon training plan published by Women’s Running Magazine and I have my eye on two different full Marathons for fall 2016.

Love my “100 day” projects.   I gain so much from these experiences!