I’m not giving up.  Just like my GPS says when I make a wrong turn, “Recalculating…”

I exited the 100 Day route a little less than half way in.  Let’s not talk about where I “would have” been had I stuck to it.  Instead, we’re going to pick myself up, dust myself off and begin again.

It’s not a total loss.  I’m two weeks into the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution workout program.  I have been pretty good on the food intake – not perfect.

Super serious attention to detail now.

Diet plan – check!  I’m giving up all extra sugars – (bye bye yummy pre-flavored greek yogurt – boo!)  I’m incorporating more protein shakes into my daily plan.  More nutritious and filling than I manage on my own.

Exercise plan – check!  Jillian Michaels, some jogging, walking program via my FitBit at work.

Fitness Pals – CHECK!  I have several people in my life now keeping me honest.  (You all know who you are, and thanks!)

So – who’s with me?  Who’s up for another 100 days of focused attention?  The bonus is, if we start now, we’ll be DONE before the year-end Holiday Season!


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