I drank soda pop like water when I was young.  Pepsi was my favorite.  The 1992 Pepsi commercial with Cindy Crawford in the denim shorts and white tank top – that was so me back then.

Too bad nobody tells you what all that sugar and caffeine on a daily basis does to your body 20 years later.  Still, a sign with the vintage Pepsi logo grabs my attention as I absolutely adore Pepsi Throwback made with real sugar.

Going caffeine and sugar free is not an easy road – headaches, body aches, moodiness, and oh – the fatigue!  Thank God I am off from the day job this week.  The aches and pains have been less and less each day.   And, I can now say with confidence that I am 100% caffeine free.

Sugar cravings, particularly chocolate, seem to have disappeared with the caffeine.  It’s not that I’ll never have another Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks or enjoy a chocolate dessert again, and I might even have a Pepsi someday.   I just don’t intend to return to that being my daily diet regimen.


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