If not NOW, then WHEN?

Seems like every time I turn on the TV I hear Oprah saying this in one of her new Weight Watchers ads.

If not NOW, then WHEN?if not now

Not a big fan of Oprah, am I.  But those words are starting to haunt me.  I see them everywhere.  I hear them all the time.

As I close in on the first year of my 50’s, I am seriously taking notice.  Compose my own piano music. Run another marathon.  Write that novel.  Become a yogi master.

If not NOW, then just the hell WHEN will I accomplish these things?

It’s not like I’ve done nothing in my first 50 years on this Earth.  I’ve accomplished plenty.  Just about every single little thing I’ve ever wanted to do, I’ve done.

So, why is it now that I struggle?

Perhaps it’s because these are the really BIG life goals.  An perhaps I’m afraid – too old, too late, too …. whatever.

There’s an old saying, the only regrets we have in are for the things we did not do, or at least try.

What is my NOW?

  • New digital piano with headphones so I can rock out to my heart’s content without an audience, until I want one
  • Couch to 5K to Half Marathon program, Jillian Michaels and weight training program
  • On target to submit at least one of my novel drafts to the Maggie’s in April.
  • Yoga – that’s another story.

Maybe I just answered my own question!  I stopped doing my yoga about a year ago – for reasons I can’t seem to remember.  Bring Yoga and maybe the rest will follow.  The mind will quiet.  The passion will grow.  The fears will disappear.

Time to do what I know is true.





Miracles Take Time

Day 15 – 100 Days 2016-1

While check-ins have been sparse (okay, non-existent), I have been working hard at my goals.  I’ve lost almost 5 lbs in 2 weeks.  I’m sleeping better.  My muscles are sore (the good kind) and I’ve got some work done on my manuscript for the Maggie’s.

What I’ve learned in these last two weeks is that it’s not that hard to eat well.  The first week was a little stressful, habits had to change.  I was hungry a lot of the time.  I missed the flavors and textures of processed foods and sweets. But, I got through it.

Then, last Thursday someone offered me a cookie and I wasn’t the slightest bit interested.  Since the hell when have I ever passed up a cookie without feeling deprived or sad?  Major breakthrough for me!

I’m doing my Jillian Michaels most days and eating well.  I’ve already started to see changes.  I guess I’m just being impatient.  I want the numbers to drop on the scale, I want to fit into my smaller dress sizes, and I want to be able to run a full mile without stopping so I can get to training for that marathon!


While I don’t have a Fairy Godmother of my own, no magic coach, no glass slipper — there is no reason I can’t have what I want.

It’s about progress and doing a little bit more each day than the day before.  More minutes on the stationery bike, more reps on the harder Body Revolution moves, more words per day toward the novel.

With some time and a lot of effort, my wishes will come true!


2016 = THREE 100-day challenges

Round 1 of 100 days starts TODAY.

100-day challenges are tough.  No matter what it is you are trying to add, subtract or edit from your daily routine, doing that consistently 100 days in a row is not something for the faint of heart.

It takes a great deal of grit and determination to make 100 days of something new stick.  I did a couple 100-day challenges last year with marginal success.  I moved the needle a bit closer to many of my big dreams and goals.

This year I will cover more ground and accomplish more than ever before.

On my other blog, Out of Our Comfort Zone, my writing partner and I are on a quest to become published authors.  I recently went public with my biggest goal for the year – submitting my fiction writing to a contest.  Big hairy scary goal – no doubt about it.

Knowing myself and my greatest nemesis (sugar in any form) is my go-to comfort when facing a challenge or dealing with stress, I need to balance out my quest with an equally difficult goal to meet – getting healthy.

Getting healthy for me means feeling better, sleeping better with less aches and pains.  The excess weight will come off as a byproduct.  The reward will be the ability to run again.

How will I do this?  Tracking steps, counting food (points, carbs, macros, etc.), P90X, Body Revolution, Insanity, Cize, Daily Burn, Weight Watchers – whatever gimmick it takes to keep me focused on being healthier, until it becomes automatic.

This is a major life change.  I’m not 20- or 30-something anymore where a week of salads and water will get me back into a sexy LBD for a hot date night.

I seriously thought I was too old and too far gone to get it back.  Then I stumbled upon a blog called Lifting My Spirits that is owned by someone who has already one what I want to do.  I read her story, followed her posts for a couple of months and realized that the only thing holding me back is ME!

I’m married to a pretty bad ass former bodybuilding enthusiast who still has a 6-pack in his mid 50s and runs half marathons.  What’s in my way?  Big hairy scary fear.  The alternative?  Not going there.  My health is way too important!

So, today starts Day 1 of my first of three 100 days.  I took my measurements and plotted the story for the Maggie contest due in April.  One hour of cardio and the week’s meal planning are up next.  I don’t expect these next 100 days to be perfect and they will certainly not be easy.  It’s an exciting adventure I’m about to explore!