Day 15 – 100 Days 2016-1

While check-ins have been sparse (okay, non-existent), I have been working hard at my goals.  I’ve lost almost 5 lbs in 2 weeks.  I’m sleeping better.  My muscles are sore (the good kind) and I’ve got some work done on my manuscript for the Maggie’s.

What I’ve learned in these last two weeks is that it’s not that hard to eat well.  The first week was a little stressful, habits had to change.  I was hungry a lot of the time.  I missed the flavors and textures of processed foods and sweets. But, I got through it.

Then, last Thursday someone offered me a cookie and I wasn’t the slightest bit interested.  Since the hell when have I ever passed up a cookie without feeling deprived or sad?  Major breakthrough for me!

I’m doing my Jillian Michaels most days and eating well.  I’ve already started to see changes.  I guess I’m just being impatient.  I want the numbers to drop on the scale, I want to fit into my smaller dress sizes, and I want to be able to run a full mile without stopping so I can get to training for that marathon!


While I don’t have a Fairy Godmother of my own, no magic coach, no glass slipper — there is no reason I can’t have what I want.

It’s about progress and doing a little bit more each day than the day before.  More minutes on the stationery bike, more reps on the harder Body Revolution moves, more words per day toward the novel.

With some time and a lot of effort, my wishes will come true!



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