Seems like every time I turn on the TV I hear Oprah saying this in one of her new Weight Watchers ads.

If not NOW, then WHEN?if not now

Not a big fan of Oprah, am I.  But those words are starting to haunt me.  I see them everywhere.  I hear them all the time.

As I close in on the first year of my 50’s, I am seriously taking notice.  Compose my own piano music. Run another marathon.  Write that novel.  Become a yogi master.

If not NOW, then just the hell WHEN will I accomplish these things?

It’s not like I’ve done nothing in my first 50 years on this Earth.  I’ve accomplished plenty.  Just about every single little thing I’ve ever wanted to do, I’ve done.

So, why is it now that I struggle?

Perhaps it’s because these are the really BIG life goals.  An perhaps I’m afraid – too old, too late, too …. whatever.

There’s an old saying, the only regrets we have in are for the things we did not do, or at least try.

What is my NOW?

  • New digital piano with headphones so I can rock out to my heart’s content without an audience, until I want one
  • Couch to 5K to Half Marathon program, Jillian Michaels and weight training program
  • On target to submit at least one of my novel drafts to the Maggie’s in April.
  • Yoga – that’s another story.

Maybe I just answered my own question!  I stopped doing my yoga about a year ago – for reasons I can’t seem to remember.  Bring Yoga and maybe the rest will follow.  The mind will quiet.  The passion will grow.  The fears will disappear.

Time to do what I know is true.





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