Consistency = Less Work

[Day 23 – 100 Days 2016-1]

First of the month is my check-in time to assess just about everything.  The saddest news I have is that the scale went up 2 lbs.  Before I get upset about it, I know that it is due to the yummy Mexican lunch we had at work on Friday and also because I ate a substantial portion of the dessert table at my niece’s baby shower over the weekend.  It’s a temporary spike.

Today starts my Zero to 5K to Half Marathon program.  I just had my oatmeal (fuel) and my treadmill date is scheduled just before the lunch hour.  I’m anxious to get back out onto the road – the weather has been nice enough (for a change, thanks El Nino!) but I’m not road worthy yet.  That’s one of my biggest goals for the year – road worthy!

I can also report that I’ve stuck to my household goal of keeping the house cleaned and neat in 2016.  One month in and still going strong, even amidst renovations.  I’ve struggleddownload with housework most of my life.  But, the progress on this seemingly insignificant goal has taught me a lesson.

The more consistent I am, the less work it is.

Let me explain.  I do my chores on the weekends. I like to reserve whatever weekday free time I have to my dogs, music, writing and workouts.  This past weekend was a major busy one – Saturday was consumed with grocery shopping, a baby shower, a friend’s birthday party and a visit with the in-laws.  Yet, I still able to get the chores done without a whole lot of time and effort.  It wasn’t a struggle!

I remember from my last marathon-ready fitness level 10 years ago running was like that for me then.  Now, it feels like a struggle.  I’m a lot heavier now than I was then – worried that I won’t be able to keep up with the training plan, worried about knees and shins, worried about nutrition.  I just have to keep my mind in the game.  And, that with some consistency, the runs will just fit into my life schedule – no more struggle.  It happened before, it will happen again!

In addition to the running plan that starts today is a “Don’t Break the Chain” challenge, where I will write a minimum number of words per day.  Every Day.  I’m starting off small and the goal is to not miss a day.  See, if I miss a day, I have to go back to Day 1.  My plan is to get where consistency takes over and writing is as natural a part of my routine as breathing.

After all, Aristotle says that we are what we repeatedly do.