Determination and Adjustment

My last post was 5 weeks ago when I posted that I was starting a couch-to-run type program. I did my first run and I felt wonderful. At first.

Maybe it’s the “runner’s high” that comes with an intense workout, my favorite workout. I love the way my legs and butt feel after a good run. And my breathing is so much clearer, like my insides were just washed out.

A couple hours after my first run, I was overcome with plantar fasciitis pain. It was so bad, I could barely walk. I sat at my desk with my feet immersed in a grocery bag filled with ice. Since I spend 8-10 hours a day living in a cubicle farm in the center of a corporate fishbowl, it was not the most flattering place to display a personal crisis.

Cortisone shots took away the worst of the pain the following day, but the ache remains. Anti-inflammatories are now keeping the edge off. Stretching is helping to loosen what’s tight and strengthen what’s weak. Cute shoes are just a memory…

Here I am now, 5 weeks later, and another 5+ pounds heavier. No jumping, no running, nothing with impact, says the doctor.

It was real easy this past month to wallow. I tried distracting myself with other activities. In the end, I only added more angst to the equation. Actually, it ended up being a lot of angst and a couple of very hard lessons.

Some of this newfound angst I can easily shed this week simply by saying ‘no’ to a couple determineof the distractions I sought.

I can also make some very necessary adjustments to keep me moving forward toward what I really want. I have the power.

So what if I am relegated to a stationary bike for my cardio? It’s just another tool. I can add back in the Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution, with obvious modifications. Eventually, I’ll be back on the road.