Why do congratulations and accolades seem to only come at the END of a journey?

Whatever the goal is – be it a marathon run, a college degree, a weight loss number, whatever, achieving it great, but….

But the morning after the achievement, what do you remember?  What will you remember about the triumph a week or year from now?   You’ll remember the journey.  It’s the best part of the experience!

A marathon runner’s most important run isn’t race day, it’s the work that went before. Every one of those 500-ish miles run before race day count!

College grads remember the classes, parties and exam cramming long after the cap hurls through the air.

And, weight loss journeys aren’t just about a number.  It’s about adapting to different habits, tastes, routines to make it a lifestyle change.

Whatever it is that is important to you, writing a book, learning an instrument, climbing Mount Everest, every step you take toward reaching that goal is important.

So why do we wait to congratulate ourselves until the end?


We need to celebrate each and every step, every lesson learned, every milestone met.

It’s important.  Be proud.



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