Freedom to Be


So, somebody posted this meme today on Facebook.  I saw it this morning and thought, “yeah, no joke….”

And, then I kept returning to it, taking away something more each time I read it.

Down in the dumps, I’ve been — all season.  Passing it off as stress and pressure from a busy workload on the day job, not having any “me” time to write or make music once the house chores are done.  That, and the winter doldrums that come along with shorter days and colder weather, I haven’t felt very much like doing anything anyway.

I guess I’ve been wallowing a bit.  I haven’t taken the time to do the things that bring me joy.  Big part of that is because what brings me joy rarely makes sense to others.  How I like to spend my free time is outside “the norm.”  And, I don’t want to justify it or explain it — why my hobbies are unique, my crafts, music and writing.  Being a creative in a world of technology, where selfie blitzes on social media are the rule.

Reading and re-reading this meme, I realize that I’ve been following along with the rest of the herd, shuffling from one day to the next.  Not breaking from routine or schedule.  Rolling with the punches of an increased workload and reduction in office staff.

One size does not fit all in our world.  We must all stop trying to fit in with the crowd or fit into someone else’s box.   And most important, not be afraid for it.