The most important, yet most neglected, aspect of our life journey,  is the space between.

Image result for honor the space between no longer and not yet

How often do we truly openly ponder “What If?”

Not often enough!

Many of us reach mid-life with all the trimmings of success, but we are worn down and exhausted. The shine of each new achievement fades quickly and we forge off chasing the next

We don’t often take the time, let alone MAKE the time, to dig deep and examine what it is we really and truly want.

Some of us are BETWEEN that which we no longer have (or want) and what we don’t have…yet. For others, it’s even more primal and personal, and we are BETWEEN who we no longer wish to be and our aspiring self.

When we make use of the space BETWEEN, we allow something vital enter our lives.

We breathe our own air. We hear our own voice. We feel our own needs. We start putting our needs first.

This space BETWEEN is sacred. Cherish it.

This is your chance to explore every “What If” your heart can imagine. Don’t let fear hurry you to the next safe haven. Discomfort and uncertainty are part of this journey.

Rise above the fear, stand strong against the naysayers and honor your heart’s deepest desires.

With no regrets later.



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