Calm Amidst Chaos

Make time to be absolutely still amidst chaos. There, you will find your soul.  From there, your passions can be restored.


So, so easy it is to get caught up in the chaos and noise that soaks each day. Regardless of the why, it’s a constant battle to rise above the flood and keep dry. The struggle is real.

Just stop!

Let the tide go out to sea without you. Let the clutter, conflict, discord, and difficulties go with the tide. Let it all wash away into the sea.

Take some time to rest, relax and restore. Then, take a look to see what’s left on the beach.

Among the beautiful shells, soft sand, warm sunshine and fresh sea breezes are the hopes and dreams set aside long ago. Like cherished old friends from another place and time, we reconnect. Opportunities suddenly appear and make the long-thought impossible, possible again.

Passions reignite. Imagination and ingenuity emerge. Vision becomes clear. We see that we can become, have, do so much! There’s still time! But, we have to take action.

Before the tide returns, we find that we do have the power and strength. We now choose which joys to carry along when we rejoin the sea.

Choose wisely, my friends.