Last Days Of The Storm

We seem to know when the storm is about to end. Frustrations build, tension rise, and anticipation overwhelms. If you are anything like me, you push, hoping to end the storm sooner. Those efforts tend to make things worse, not better.

“Everything… in its time,” the Good Book says.  (Ecclesiastes 3:11)


I was faced with a huge reminder this week that no matter how hard or much I push, what is meant to be is what will be.

A personal storm is coming to an end after more than a year. (Thank God!) I fought it for months and ignored the inevitable. I made excuses for situations and others. I even blamed situations and others for it. Then, I took on crusade that was really not my own. I knew better, but I kept on. I stopped listening to my own voice, discounted my own desires and did what I thought was going to make things right.


I made a decision on Friday that will change the course of my professional career forever. A little scary? A bit, yes. But, the promise of a different kind of life and the new opportunities these changes bring me and my family far outweighs the fear (and the noise from naysayers).

I am forever grateful for everything and everyone that has led me to this place.  Tomorrow I officially put things into motion when I sign on the dotted line.


It is now my time to grow!