Monday’s Musical Note (Day 1 of 100)

Before I could read or write, I wanted to be a pianist.  I believe it was the late great Liberace I saw on TV when I was a toddler and supposedly, I was glued to the set! Like most kids, I had private piano lessons but lived miles away from a conservatory.  Pursuing a musical career seemed too far out of reach. Music remained a hobby – but, like most hobbies, it became secondary to other priorities.

Now that I’m older, and hopefully much wiser, I am back on the keys.  But, what to play?  I want something new, something different.  Not classical and precise, not rock or blues, something that breathes and moves with the story it shows the listener.  For me, the music genre is “New Age” piano.

I signed up for an online piano course called Quiescence.  This course is specifically designed to teach folks how to make their own music in the New Age style. Today is day one of my course.  Wish me luck!