Synchronicity. It does exist!

Kharma. Destiny. Fate.

It all exists. I know this. Yet, I still keep a choke hold on day-to-day events, like I have some actual say in the outcome. You’d think I’d figure that one out after 50+ years!

The last year has been a struggle, mostly inside my head and heart. A major mid-life crisis, perhaps. Things are the same, but it all looks different some how. To get a handle on it all, I launched into The Artist’s Way at the first of the year. Knowing how much I have a love/hate relationship with Morning Pages, I took it easy on that part of the journey, and didn’t push too hard.

Because of TAW, some amazing things are beginning to emerge. Now almost halfway into the course, I recognized a massive Celestine Prophecy type moment today. Not only did I see it, I finally have the wisdom to trust it. Who knew!?

About two weeks go, bad things started to happen. One after another, after another, then another. Every single day bore a new piece of bad news. None of this is in my control, but I still poured out my fuss and fury like a mad woman hell bent on redirecting the flood elsewhere. My angst grew into its own ugly monster of pain.

I didn’t trust Fate. I blew off Kharma. I outright ignored Destiny.

My synchronicity moment arrived in the grocery checkout line this morning. As is my habit (and not always a good one), I replayed the week’s events in my head. Part of the inner dialog was to berate myself for not having had more poise and grace under pressure. Another was to reward myself for speaking up for myself in a situation where in the past I would not.

Image result for synchronicity

My inner replay conjured up a conversation I had earlier in the week with a colleague, who I first met a decade ago in another completely unrelated space and time. The advice and ideas I received in that brief chat didn’t resonate until today.

The spark of a creative solution to the problem was there all along. I just couldn’t see it. I have to believe that Destiny will be what is meant to be. Kharma will restore balance once again.

I know I am on the right path. Thank you, Fate. 😉



A Virtual Creative Cluster


The Artist’s Way is an amazing program that helps liberate creativity, even in those who swear they are NOT creative.  😉

I’ve been following this program for many years, off and on.  When I’m “on”, I find that almost every aspect of my life improves. The program didn’t just help me make time to pursue my creative hobbies and improve my crafts.  It had unexpected added benefits:

  • I am calmer at the day job.
  • Personal relationships become deeper, richer and more fulfilling.
  • I sleep better.
  • Everyday mundane chores are no longer a burden.
  • I have more time for fun and relaxation.

There’s a small group forming a “Creative Cluster” to share our experiences with The Artist’s Way journey.  The benefits of this program magnify when shared with others who are traveling a similar path.  If you’d like to join us, just send an email to the address below:

We’d love to hear from you!

Talking About Tools – MPs and ADs of the Artist’s Way

Two very simple tools make up The Artist’s Way program.  At least, they sound simple:

  1. Morning Pages – 3 pages of long hand first thing in the morning
  2. Artist’s Date – weekly play date with yourself

Sounds simple, right?  Enormously (and often quite surprisingly) effective, they say. However, not all that “simple” to execute….for me anyway.

The 3 pages of long hand can be frightening.  I will say things in the MPs I won’t say out loud.  However, once it’s out of my head or heart and onto the page, it’s “out there.”  It’s no longer dormant, and I have to deal with “it.”  Whatever “it” may be. Sometimes it’s colossal, like the fear of growing old and my song left unsung.  Most of the time it’s irritation about something from daily lifeimages I’d rather just ignore, and usually do.  That’s when the my pages get whiny, cranky and even downright surly.

If I don’t power through the crap and keep digging in, the negativity just clings to everything like cat hair.  This is usually the point at which I conveniently oversleep and have no time to write my MPs or write about laundry or some other nonsensical b.s.  When I start blowing off the MPs, I know there’s something just beneath the surface I’d rather avoid.  I get downright nasty to be around – sometimes I don’t even want to be around me.

The Artist Date, when I make and keep one, can help me reset the tone of my MPs.  The secret is actually making one and keeping it.  Quality time with yourself, by yourself.  It may sound simple – a walk in the park, literally.  But, it’s really not that easy to pull off.  It takes a bit of practice.  But, the more you do it, the more you get to know yourself again.  It’s like meeting an old friend and catching up on old times and finding new adventures. Then, it becomes treasured special time you guard fiercely.

Yeah, I’m not there yet.  I’ve been there before and I know it’s well worth it.  It’s the between here and there that’s the challenge.

The Artist’s Way – Creative Cluster

Almost two weeks in now to my Artist’s Way journey, I’m already making huge strides toward unlocking my creative potential.  I even sat down at the piano last week for the joy of it.  No agenda, just felt like being there – which I have not felt in years.  Literally.  The music, if you could call it that, was a bit rusty and sour.  But I didn’t focus on the end product.  I just enjoyed being there.  It was such a great feeling, and it left me wanting more of it.

The fire is starting to rekindle inside.  And, that nagging inner voice that says, “you should be vacuuming, cleaning, ironing, etc.” is starting to quiet down.  It’s almost organic.  I’m starting to take time for little adventures with my creative self and leaving the dishes unwashed or the laundry unfolded.  My priorities are starting to shift back into balance.

This is just awesome, if I do say so myself.  😉

Author Julia Cameron encourages collaboration using her 12-week program to enrich and cultivate our inner artists through  Creative Cluster.  In fact, Ms. Cameron believes “that creative recovery at its best is a non-hierarchical, peer-run, collective process.”  And, I want some of that.

So with that in mind, an online Creative Cluster to follow The Artist’s Way is now forming.  Each cluster member will follow the program individually, at his/her own pace, with regular check-ins  to share thoughts and ideas.   Anyone interested in joining, please comment below and we’ll get this party started!

SORRY! Back to Start

Did you ever play the board game SORRY! as a kid?  The first player to get all four pawns from the start to ‘home’ would win the game. The draw of a card or being booted by an opponent would send your pawn back to start.

I hated that game.  Almost as much as I hated Dodge Ball in gym class.

Both games are great metaphors for life.  We learn how to bounce back after taking a hit and going back to start. While on the sideline we study the other players’ moves.  We return to the game wiser and stronger than when we left.

I guess that’s where I find myself these days.  Back to start.

The month of July is always a busy one, and this year I didn’t roll with the punches very well. SORRY!  Back to start. I didn’t gain any new weight, but I didn’t lose any either. So as the old saying goes, pick myself up, dust myself off, and begin again.

I stumbled over a book by Julia Cameron called   Writing Diet: Write Yourself Right Size available on Amazon.  Having followed the Artist’s Way program many years ago, I decided this might be the key to success.

Every Sunday I’ll be blogging about my Artist’s Way journey, and I would love to some company.  In the meantime, I will keep posting about my quest for fitness, marathon training and everything else.  Stay tuned!