Menopause, Weight Loss, and Training

This is a useful, informative post.  Please share it and save it for reference later. My friend, Colin DeWaay, loves to read research more than I do, so I asked him to look for the science being do…

Source: Menopause, Weight Loss, and Training


Day 3 of 100

Today is Day 3 and I’m hitting a wall on the diet plan. It’s not the changes in food, it’s the lack of caffeine. Probably not the greatest idea to give up caffeine while I’m still shaking off a nasty cold and lingering cough.

I’m giving in and having one cup of real tea.  Ah!  Heaven.

The rest is going okay, but not great, so far. I knew this week would be tough. It’s hard to break in new habits no matter what they are or when, but it’s challenging to even think when the head is pounding with caffeine withdrawal.  I managed one of the 3 things yesterday – I stuck to the eating plan.

Lucky for me, I only have one more work day this week and then a 3-day weekend!  I will make up for the time lost on music and writing this weekend.

I love hearing how others are doing wherever they are on their 100 days.  It’s very inspiring to see what different people focus on – it give me ideas of other ways to add value.