Wake-Up Call – (Day 3 of 100)

imagesMy “Wake-Up Call”

I just spent the entire holiday weekend gardening.  No big deal right?

OMG I can barely move.

My hands are so sore from gripping the rake and pulling weeds I can barely grip a hair brush.  I can – it’s just so sore!  I also have aches and pains in other places I didn’t know even existed elsewhere on my body.

It’s one thing to be a little tired and sore after a day or so of exertion.  But these aches and pains are screaming signs that I need to pay better attention to my health.  Today marks day 3 of my “100 days reboot” and a great opportunity to focus on health and wellness – making this my first Wellness Wednesday post.

Wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise, in my opinion.  It’s about all things that support a healthy self.  Eating clean and staying fit are only one of the foundations to wellness which supports keeping our spirits well.

The pleasure of being active again, especially after a long, cold, hard winter, is tarnished by all these new aches and pains.  Being over weight and out of shape is no longer something I can just brush off as “not that bad”.

What a wake-up call!  I have a lot I want to do with my life, dammit.  Standing on the sidelines is not part of the plan.  I can no longer afford the flimsy excuses!

Off to the gym for some stretching and light cardio.  What’s your plan for the day?